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This is the stuff I use to get those "wicked" sounds :-)
My system gives me complete control of sound,
both on stage and in the recording studio.

Click on equipment name for full specification.

Bridge Tasman 5 string electo/acoustic violin
This is my current 'axe' of choice. A brilliant sounding semi acoustic violin which doesn't suffer with the feedback issues experienced when amplifying an acoustic violin.
Bridge Lyra 5 string electric violin
Superb sounding hollow bodied carbon fibre and kevlar 5 string electric violin, with custom pickup.
4 string acoustic.
My grandfathers violin. I still use this instrument to practice on. Superb sound.
Musicary Carbon Fibre Violin Bow.
Excellent weight, balance and spring from this carbon fibre bow.
A synthetic gel pack chin rest which makes the rest more comfortable, and helps reduce the "Nigel Kennedy" neck growth.
Apple MacBook Pro laptop.
Mines a 2.8ghz machine with 4 gig ram, 17" screen (please don't nick it off stage. Chosen for its stability over Windows XP.
Native Instruments Guitar Rig 5 Pro Software guitar effects processor.
Excellent software based guitar multi effects unit. Much more flexible than 99% of the hardware units out there, plus I can program it from the comfort of my own sofa.
Native Instruments Rig Kontrol 3 Guitar Rig controller/audio interface.
The main controller for Guitar Rig, and is also the audio interface for the Mac. I use this for additional effects modulation, expression, tuning and tap tempo.
DMC Ground Control Plus Midi control system.
additional MIDI controller connected to the Rig Kontrol. This allows me switch on and off 8 individual effects in the effects chain, and control the program changes. Very programmable, and built like a tank (good for me).
Boss FV500 L Volume/Expression pedal.
I'm using two of these as expression pedals, plugged into the Rig Kontrol 3. I can add another two into the Ground Control Pro at a further date :)
Trantec S3500 radio transmitter.
Good quality transmitter, never breaks up, even open air. Has multiple frequency setup.
Thomastik Superflex violin strings (on the electrics).
Warchal strings (on the acoustic).


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