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Well where do I start? My much missed Polish grandfather, Edward Hanka introduced me to the violin at the ripe old age of six. Sadly, he passed away when I was eight so after a local school teacher my tuition was taken over by Trinity College violin professor, Andrew Sherwood who eventually got me through Grade 8 (not his fault, I was lazy and only bothered to do the work when my mum said I could give up if I passed - I ended up getting the highest score I had ever achieved in a violin exam), various music competitions including the Audi Junior Musician Contest, which I managed to win the local finals and gained a place in the U.K. regional finals (the only violinist from a comprehensive school to do so). I also played with the Brighton Youth Orchestra for a number of years but orchestral playing simply wasn't for me, so at 17 I gave up playing the violin. Four years passed until I followed up an advert in the local newspaper asking for a Fiddle player. That advert was with T.U.T. :- Tricks Upon Travellers, and so I picked up the violin again - it was always my dream at school to play in a band anyway.....

A live review of TUT said of me, "One of the reasons for this is the presence of Mark Knight, TUT's fiddle player. Let's think about fiddle players. There was Fairport Convention's Dave Swarbrick. There was David Lindley, who was on every Asylum album in the 70s. There was Daryl Way, who was one of the first to go electric with Curved Air. There was that bloke out of the Charlie Daniels Band - he was good ... and there was Tobermory, or was it Omsk, on 'Remember You're A Womble' ... Well, now there's Mark Knight, and he bears favourable comparison with any of them. Watch out for Mark Knight - you will hear of him again. Even if he has to change his motley for a mini-skirt and do Vanessa Mae impressions, I predict that this boy will make it." - great quote, eh?

I have also played in Andrew Sherwoods' Lewes based 'Musicians of All Saints' Orchestra. I now do session work in the U.K. (and in Europe using the internet to swap files) when it comes my way, including playing on the Divine Comedy album, Casanova and, on the Beatitude album from Pepe Delux (the guys behind the recent Levis Twisty Jeans commercial).

In 2000 I joined the slightly more famous than T.U.T., K-Passa. It makes a big change doing pub gigs in from of a couple of hundred people if you're lucky (even if it was the best music in the world), to travel to countries such as Belgium and Slovenia to play in front of literally 15000 or so. A number of one off performances with Zappa influenced jazz band, Peripherie, and some session work with Bjorn Lynne also kept me busy. I left K-Passa in September 2001, and after a unwanted long break, I started playing with old friends of mine, the Bluehorses. In 2003, I left my full time job, to work within the freelance industry, and my first violin job has been with Massive Attack, preparing violin parts and effect processor patches for their forthcoming world tour. I hoped that this would lead to further work, but sadly it did not so I found myself unemployed once more. At this time, Stuck in the 80's also kicked off. SID80's are a retro video games rock covers band concentrating on the music from the Commodore 64 home computer. After contract work in the games industry for a few months, I found myself back in full time work at Visual Science in Dundee, Scotland. Musically this was a very quiet time for me, and I found myself going no-where until I was found my the Laura Kenny band. Visual Science however, went into administration in February 2006 and keen to get out of Dundee and working with a big name developer, I moved to Cheshire back to Electronic Arts and one of their satellite studios. That closed in October 2006, and I decided to concentrate purely on the violin and music. At the same time I played with Lancashire based Prog Folk Rock band Silver Dogs until October 2007 when I decided that being a 'pro' musician wasn't bringing in the right amount of cash considering we had a baby due in January 2008. In November 2008 I went back into full time video games development with Codemasters whilst also maintaining the wedding/party solo gigs, and also playing with a popular rock Ceilidh band called MoonDance. So now, I'm playing with Moondance, and sessioning/depping for various people.

On another note, I also found minor fame in different musical nature, that of the Commodore Amiga Demo Crew, spending many a day writing music in the ubiquitous 'tracker' format, which found it's way into loads of demos by groups such as Anthrox and Melon deZiGn. For the record, I was know as 'TDK'

Now for a little bit of the personal stuff:- Although a Brighton boy through and through, I am currently living near Stratford Upon Avon, Warwickshire, England, with my wife - Nesli, and my cat - Cuddles (not the name of choice - I would have chosen "Git", but there we go).

Just remember, live performance remains the area I want to make more of, so if you are interested, please get in touch.


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